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What is a Home Inspection?


A Home Inspection is a snapshot in time of the condition of the major systems and components of the house.

Systems such as the roof, exterior, plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling. Attics, crawlspaces, garages, each room and the systems within them. For a full description of what is included, visit our Standards of Practice page.

Do I need a Home Inspection?


The short answer is: Yes.

You are looking at a property to buy; you need someone with no emotional or financial attachment to it = Unbiased.

You are looking to sell your home; a professional Home Inspector may just reacquaint you with some of those things that have fallen into the "blind spot", which could send some potential buyers walking.

What does a Home Inspection include?


Pretty close to 1,200 items checked or looked for, no matter the size of the house.

As a Certified Professional Inspector®, I am on the lookout for what is missing, broken, damaged, inoperable, inadequate, insufficient, improper, unsafe, hazardous, dangerous... You get the idea?

Can I do a Home Inspection myself?


You're about to make a purchase or sale for a substantial amount of funds that will be committed for many years to come. Ask yourself if you have the knowledge and experience of an InterNACHI® Certified Professional Inspector®.  Let me ask you, do you perform all of the repairs on your current home, car, children?

Do I need to be present for the inspection?


Many people cannot make it on inspection day due to scheduling conflicts. Some people request a day when they can attend. Some agents insist on being present, others not. Personally, I work well either way, but I may get sidetracked and miss something if I'm interrupted. If you plan on attending, bring a notepad and pen to write down your questions, we can all get together at the end to discuss our findings.

What do I do with the information on the report?


Consider the Inspection Report as you would a tool. With it you will be informed about the condition of the house, its systems, its major components, items needing repair or correction, maybe replacement.

As a buyer, this can be a negotiation tool.

As a seller, you can determine what you will take care of and will remain.